The magic women project

Femmes sacrée, sacrées femmes


A project about special women which need support to come to life.


The magic women project is an idea born from my experiences of travelling and living abroad. As a reflection of myself and my quest, I always met the same kind of women on my way who were in reseach of their true nature. So I decided to create a series of documentaries which would gather events and portraits related to what we call "the return of the divine feminine", a new paradigm where women worlwide call back they intuitive inner sacred power that had been oppressed for centuries by the partiarchal society. As women can carry life, they rise the wish to bring back ancient and native wisedom and to respect and honnor Nature in a time where the planet is suffering.

 I am passionated in capturing the essence of these women, their inner and outer beauty, powerful and wild, but also soft, vulnerable and compassionate. The magic within these women resides in their creative feminine power, their connection with nature and the cosmos, spirituality and mystic, merging the visible and invisibles worlds into one reality.

These women live an alternatif lifestyle, often abroad away from their familly roots and the conditionning of the society, to be able to live their true nature, close to Earth and Spirits.

These women are also questionning the meaning of what is to be a free women in our century, facing judgements and fears of the others and within themselves.

This project has some example of what it could be and it needs support to come to life.


The magic women project could start with a documentary series about 3 women I met during my journeys. They all have made the common choice to live as a free women, connected with nature and their inner creative divine power. As we are friends, I have the great opportunity to capture their intimacy and be trusted.



This is the first Serie I started.

Terese, a 36 years old californian women, lives in Catorce, in Mexico. She harvest all kind of local Plants to prepare lotions and medecine. Chamanic rituals, Tarots, Astronomy, Asian phylosophy are part of her spiritual growth. She craft jewels, and make all kind of art, especially composing music and singing.

Work in Progress Travail en cours


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No Serie yet, just some photo tests.

Marnie, 25 years lives lives in the Occitannie region in France.

She lives in her van, close to nature and she works as an animal mediator. She awakened to her true nature some years ago, and walk on the path of chamanic traditions and spirits communication.


Project to come to life.

Abby is a 30 years old english women who lives in a house on the top of the moutain in Ibiza. She is a yoga teacher and a siddha cristal healer, and a singer of devotional songs.

I met here in Guatemala.

No pictures, yet

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The Moon Dance In Mexico.

Red Tent Rituals

The goddess temple

Chamanic Rituals