New work Introduction - introduction de nouveau projet

"Marnie" is an artistic documentary project which is part of a global starting series called "Magic Women project" and  "Femmes sacrées, sacrées femmes" in French. Here are some photos reaserches with Marnie ( 3 little sessions).

I am creating this project about special women I meet on my way who live an alternative and spiritual lifstyle, connected with their wild, free, authentic and mystico-magic nature. They incarnate the return of the sacred feminine, an inner power and wisedom that have been oppressed for centuries by the patriarcal society and religions.

The magic women project is looking for any financial support and all kind of advices. Thank you !


Marnie 25 years old, quit her dancer life to work as an animal mediator.

She has chosen to live an alternative lifestyle in her Van close to nature with her 2 dogs, Mato and Cali. She is dedicated to heal and help animals and by extension their owners human beings, using her gift of "soul communication", magnetisme, energies, intuition and love. From having some hard time with herself in the past, she now lives her true nature.